The garden is like a child with basic needs.

A soft touch, nutrition, purity and freedom to find and express individual, natural beauty. Creating space for all of these essentials is what we're all about. We are here to work closely with you. You get a team focused on meeting the needs of your habitat, a team that translates your garden dream into a pure and healthy environment that nourishes you and this world you love.



Overgrown to Self-Expression

Here's a garden that tells the story, just by seeing it, that anything is possible. In a world where growth never stops as each day blooms and fades to the next, even the most beautiful trees and shrubs grow out of their prime. A space re-imagined, is a life brought back to original intent.  

Garden Makeovers on Any Budget

This front yard was penned in by so many right angles that it felt much smaller than it really is. By neutralizing the tone of the ground with Decomposed Granite, we liberated the plants to express their shapes without boundaries. And, of course, exchanging lawn for low water plants in a range of shapes, colors and sizes transformed the space. A very economical renovation made a big difference for the homeowners.